Artificial Intelligence Software Engineer

We are looking for an Artificial Intelligence Software Engineer to join our team, to help develop practical, open AI systems in Uganda and across Africa. This is an opportunity to work on cutting edge technology and to receive expert mentoring, as well as to create technology with positive social impact.

We are looking for someone with practical development experience who can produce good quality, reliable code, and has creative technical problem solving skills. Experience in AI systems (e.g. training neural networks, curating training data, debugging and visualising outputs) is an advantage but not necessary; the role could be suitable for a competent developer wishing to move into AI from another field.

Sunbird AI is based in Kampala, and the ability to be based there is an advantage. For candidates with a track record we are also open to them being based in a different location with periodic travel to Uganda. For experienced candidates, part-time commitments are also possible. We prefer candidates with extensive experience of the African context.

Core skills:

  • Python (with data processing libraries, e.g. numpy, pandas)
  • Software engineering workflows (e.g. testing, version control, documentation, issue tracking and maintenance)

Extra experience which would be an advantage:

  • Machine learning (e.g. pytorch, tensorflow, scikit-learn)
  • IoT and embedded hardware
  • Natural language processing
  • Mobile app development
  • Data visualisation
  • (For candidates proposing to work remotely) Experience of working independently from a remote location.

Salary scale is dependent on experience, in the range USD 750-1500 per month. For more experienced candidates, part-time commitments are possible within this same salary range.

To apply, please use this form. If possible, please include links to any code repositories (such as github profile). The final selection will include coding interviews for shortlisted candidates. For queries, please email