What is the AI Clinic?

We are trialling a new service for organisations across Africa who are considering the use of Artificial Intelligence in their work and want advice from technical experts.The Sunbird technical team have a long experience of getting AI projects up and running across the continent, and can help with many types of questions. We offer regular 30 minute consultation slots where we can help to brainstorm ideas, give advice about project planning or implementation, or give tips on errors or unexpected behaviour of an existing system.

Some examples of the kinds of questions we can help with:

  • “Is it possible to detect flooded areas with satellite images? How would we get started, and what resources would we need?”
  • “We are planning an AI medical diagnostics system – what are the risks?”
  • “We have a lot of data: what can we do with it?”
  • “We don’t have enough data: how can we use crowdsourcing to train an AI model?”
  • “Which model is best for analysing social media messages in local languages?”
  • “We want to make smart sensors – can you give pointers on the design and construction?

After providing some information about what needs to be discussed, we confirm if it’s something we’re able to help with and then provide a choice of appointment slots (subject to availability). The clinic session then takes place over a video or phone call.

Who is eligible?

The service is available for organisations based in Africa. We prioritise public institutions, or organisations involved in providing public services or policy-making. We can’t currently cater to requests from individuals, sorry.

How can I apply?

Please give us some details on our short application form and we’ll get back to you.

There is no charge for the service.